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VMware Fusion 12 Player allows Mac users to run Windows applications seamlessly without having to split the hard drive or run a separate Windows operated PC. With simple toggle options VMware Fusion removes the headache from using cross-platform workstations.

VMware Fusion Pro 12 combines VMware Fusion with enhanced cloud capacity and is geared for advanced users and IT developers.
  • Works with all the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Runs Windows and Mac OS simultaneously.
  • Will neatly accompany Boot Camp.
  • Virtual machines can handle the most complex operations. (Pro)


Save up to 40% - Upgrade to VMware Fusion 12 Player
- Upgrade from Fusion 10 or later -

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Save up to 40% - Upgrade to VMware Fusion Pro 12
- Upgrade from Fusion 10 or later -

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How does VMware Fusion work?

VMware Fusion is designed to run PC applications on Intel-based Mac computers. It accomplishes this by creating virtual machines that are stored as data on your Mac. A virtual machine (VM) is a virtualised exact replica of a normal computer ie. it utilises display, a processor, a hard drive, RAM, USB and network functions. The virtual machine (the guest machine) opens in a separate window on your Mac (the host machine), using its own operating system exactly like a normal PC would.

Once VMware Fusion has been downloaded and installed (by double-clicking the VMware-Fusion-.dmg file for it to be mounted correctly), the Installation Assistant can be accessed (by double-clicking the VMware Fusion.pkg icon). Once the Installation Assistant instructions have been clearly adhered to, and the serial number entered accordingly, VMware Fusion will be ready to run.

VMware Fusion includes a imperative feature called Windows Easy Install for the installation of VMware Tools (will load necessary drivers) and the simplified process of creating Windows virtual machines. You can instruct Windows Easy Install to avail your Mac home folder thereby allowing for streamlined sharing of files between your Mac host machine and your Windows guest machine.

Once your Windows guest machine has been created you can size the hard drive, specify memory and even split hard disk into smaller units for multi-tasking. You are able to password protect your new Windows virtual machine, run in cooperation with Boot Camp, and can utilise keyboard shortcuts for speedier workflow.

Download VMware Fusion Pro directly from VMware

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