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Dragon Professional Individual v15 will save you time and money with its accurate voice recognition protocols, allowing you to simply speak into a microphone instead of having to, word-for-word, type out your documents. Interaction with your computer using simple voice commands has never been this easy.
  • Create text documents faster than using a keyboard.
  • 99% speech recognition accuracy.
  • Useful for emails, social media and document editing.
  • Hands-free allows for multi-tasking and higher productivity.


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  • Upgrade from Professional 12 and up
  • Upgrade from Premium 12 and up
  • Educational
  • Individual
  • Wireless

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    How does Dragon NaturallySpeaking work?

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an automated voice recognition software that is able to distinguish the human voice from other sounds and noise.
    The programmers at Nuance have formulated the software engine to modulate the human voice using English (or other languages) in order for sensible script to be rendered appropriately according to your spoken words and patterns of speech.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking will carefully adjust and improve over time, as it gently reviews your voice - the more you use it the better it will grow to understand exactly what you are trying to say. Once it smoothly adjusts its settings (with up to 99% accuracy), it will determine the exact words and phrases you speak, rapidly minimising mistakes, reducing error and providing an unhindered workflow.

    With the Pro version you can add punctuation - as you speak - by indicating what punctuation mark you would like by simply saying things like exclamation mark for (!), or semi-colon for (;). It also allows for corrections as it types by instructing it to 'Delete That' to delete what was just spoken or 'Spell That' in order to open the spell window to correctly spell a word.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro also provides a great Help menu, an interactive tutorial, an accuracy improvement center, and even a Personal Assistant to assist you with speech speed and flow.

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